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Driving School Website

Highlight your passes and success stories

Take Bookings and even payments online

Social Media Marketing

Making you look authoritative and keeping you in front of prospective pupils

Local Search Engine Optimised

SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising all included

We will take care of everything so all you need to do is be a great Driving Instructor

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What we do

All done-for-you Driving School Marketing

Let us do all your driving school marketing for you so that all you need to do is be an awesome ADI.

Keep your School Name and Identity.

Our whole mission is to provide Driving Instructors with regular new pupil enquiries.

Imagine not having to worry about finding new pupils ever again!

We are EXPERTS at getting new pupils and enquiries for UK Driving Instructors like you.

We will build and manage your Website, social media accounts and search engine optimisation. We will even super boost your marketing with Pay per Click ads when necessary – all included with our service.

Premium Driving School Website

Local Search Engine Optimisation Marketing

Local Social Media Marketing

Driving Schools need to be online

Percentage of prospective pupils that use the internet









Who are we

Hi fellow Driving Instructor

My name is Lawrence Hart and I am the founder of Driving Instructor Marketing UK.

First things first, I am fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) since 1994. I have more than enough work because of my SEO and Social Media Marketing skills.

I have been designing websites and marketing online since the dawn of the internet 🙂 In fact, this is a great passion of mine. 

I have completed many SEO and Social Media and Marketing Courses and have an in-depth knowledge and experience within the Marketing Arena.

As a Driving Instructor myself I really understand the needs and demands placed upon driving instructors and have developed an effective  online marketing system designed to attract and retain new learner drivers.

My team and I really hope to be working with you and your driving school really soon.


Lawrence (ADI) 


We only work with a limited number of Driving Schools per area

Social Media Marketing

We keep your driving school at the forefront of the local population

Competitive Pricing

We challange you to find a more competitive price aywhere else

Driving School Website

Premium tried and tested Website to attract local pupil searches

Enhanced Pupil Experience

We help your pupils by providing extra online training

Loads of Experience

We have vast experience promoting Driving Schools

Keep Your Brand

Keep your Own School Name, Brand and Identity

Enhance Your Reputation

Become a leading authority within the local market

A Great Return on Investment

You will make more than you spend with our campaign



A Minimal Investment

This is a Limited Offer as we are launching our brand new service.

Only £77* instead of £97.

Set up fee of £397** = suspended whilst in launch phase.

Fully Managed Driving School Marketing Package

£77 / week

NOTE: We will soon be rising our rates to £80 per week. If you order now, you and be LOCKED IN at Just £60 per week – SAVING YOU £1,040 per year –

SET UP FEE: Once Only Set up fee £397 (Suspended During Limited Launch Period)








​We are so confident that our Driving School Marketing Campaign will work for your Driving School that we are  happy to offer you our 100% money back guarantee.

If, in any month, you believe that your Marketing Campaign is not delivering a great Return on your Investment and not bringing you regular new pupils, simply contact us and we’ll give you a 100% refund for that month.

See our Terms for full details

* Includes VAT when appropriate

** Set up fee offer does not apply to re-starts

See Terms & Conditions 

Our pricing is for an Independent Driving Instructor working between 10 and 40 hours per week.

If you are a multi car driving school then contact us for a quote

What’s a Pupil Worth to You?

,Let’s say you charge just £27 per hour and teach a novice driver an average of 25 hours. (some pupils will be novice and others not, so 25 hours is a fair average) That’s £675 per pupil.

If you only get ONE new pupil per week from this campaign, your pupil value will be £2,700 – That’s a Return on your Investment (ROI) of over 776%. You would have spent £308 (£77 x 4) to get £2,700 (£675 x 4) Gross Income.

That being said, you may well be charging MORE THAN £27 per hour and average more than 25 hours and, of course, and you are likely going to be getting more than just one new pupil a week from the campaign.

More than 776%
Return on Investment

Questions we are asked alot

Is there any long term contract?

No there isn’t. You are welcome to cancel your monthly payments at any time and your service will then continue until the end of that current monthly period. Of course, I’ll be working hard to get you more pupils so that you don’t want to cancel at any time!

How do I pay you each month?

We will send you to a page where we will set up a payment method. To keep costs down I use Stripe as my main method.

If you want to use an alternate method then contact me and we can set this up.

Most Online Media companies charge from £1000+ per month. How can you do it for so little ?

Many of the Internet Media agencies that charge £1000+ or even more, will tell you that you should never post the same image more than once in social media, and they need to charge the high price to be constantly creating new content for you. Whilst that theory does have its merits, most driving schools just don’t have that size of budget and so miss out on the rewards that social media and online marketing can bring.

At Driving School Marketing, because we specialise in marketing for ADI’s ONLY we know exactly what we need to do to get you great results – but without the huge price tag.

One of the ways that we save you money is that we can re-use high quality stock images for a number of our clients. For example, a photo on social media of a happy student will look pretty much the same in any Driving School so an image that we create can be used for several clients, and so save you money.

Another way we save you money is by reposting some of your images every few months or so. We’ve found that this actually increases the response and so again, it means that we can get you great results – and more customers – without the need for us to charge you for creating every single post from scratch!

Can I cancel when I am fully booked?

It is very important that you keep your campaign active at all times. However, there is no obligation to keep the campaign running and you may cancel at any time.

Because it takes time to build your local marketing presence, there are some major disadvantages to cancelling the service;

MARKETING WILL STOP: If you cancel because you are fully booked, then your local marketing will stop. Your website landing pages are taken offline and all Social Media Marketing ceases. Things will eventully go quiet again and you will need new pupils when your existing pupils pass. The problem is you will no longer have an online presence.

RESTART FEE: When you renew we will need to build your campaign up again. This is why we charge a restart setup fee which is applicable on every restart campaign.

EXCLUSIVITY LOST: As we are limited to only a few schools per area, after you cancel your spot may be passed on to another school and no longer be available to you.

How many extra pupils will I get?

Unfortunately it is impossible to say exactly how many extra pupils you will get from Driving School Marketing.

Just as with a newspaper advert, you know your ad will be seen by readers but can’t quantify exactly how many will spend money with you. The benefit of our marketing though, is that your message will be seen online on a daily basis, giving you massive brand exposure and engagement with your customers and potential pupils. This always leads to extra sales and extra bookings.

BEST CASE SCENARIO: Most established Instructors need ONE NEW PUPIL PER WEEK – we aim for at least that but obviously we can not guarantee that.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: Even if you got just one new pupil a month your Return on Investment (ROI) would still be much higher!


I don't have a Facebook page or Twitter account for my business. Can you still help?

We certainly can. If you are choosing the Silver or Gold option, then I will happily set up a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business at no extra cost,

Who will create the Social Media posts that are sent out for me?

If you wish to create any posts yourself that is fine. Otherwise, we will look at any digital info you already have (website, Facebook page etc) as well as send you a short questionnaire to get some info about your business, and then create your posts for you.

My business caters to local pupils. Will your service still help me?

Very much so. I will tailor all of your Social Media posts to make sure they are seen by people in your local area. People who are potential pupils for your driving school business.

Can I discuss the possibilities and options with you?

Of course! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to chat about the service.

How soon will you start promoting my school?

Your Driving School Online Marketing Campaign will usually begin within 48 hours of us receiving your order. This, of course, depends on us having access to info about your business that will allow us to create your unique and relevant posts and website.

Can I see the posts before they are posted on Social Media sites?

We are happy to send all of the posts for your approval before they start to be posted if you wish.

How will you create my marketing campaign?

Once you place your order, we will send you a questionnaire to get some info that we need for the first posts and website build. We’ll also ask you for any relevant photos that can be included. We will also create posts from information on your website, Facebook page etc, if you have them. We will then use all of the information to create your posts and website.

Can't I just post more myself to get more bookings and build my own website on some cheapy website building platform?

Yes, of course. Most small businesses though find that they start with good intentions but don’t have the time to keep up with the momentum after a few days. In reality, most businesses are too busy doing their business to have time to post to several Social Media sites every week and upkeep a website. This service ensures that your posts go out several times per week, every week plus your website becomes a valuable local SEO resource and brochure for you!

Is this a Franchise?

No, we are an online marketing company. You keep your School Name and Identity and we will market your school for you and bring you extra pupils.

Why can you only work with limited number of schools per area?

If we take on to many schools in a single area then we will be competing with ourselves for pupils. With just one or two schools we are confident we can beat the competition and bring you good results.

Can you handle all my pupil enquiries?

Most of your booking will come via text message or other online methods. We try to get your pupils using automatic booking processes. We do not offer an answering service but can recommend telephone answering services if you want them.

Can I see an example of a Website?

Yes, message us.

Can I talk to some of your existing clients?

Yes, message us.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. This is an all-inclusive fee.

Enquire Now – let’s see if we are a good fit

Please note: Areas are limited to just TWO SCHOOLS ONLY.

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